Restore Silicone Detox Kit

Restore Silicone Detox Kit

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A silicone detox kit to reverse the damage and get healthier hair. Ideal for dry, damaged hair.

Silicones build up over time and weigh hair down, making it lifeless and greasy. Our scientists invented the Healthy Hair Molecule, a superior way to care for hair. This patented technology creates a weightless, invisible shield on each strand to polish, smooth, and protect, and repel dirt and oil so hair stays cleaner, longer. With this kit, swap silicones for real science – give us 5 washes, and we’ll give you your best hair.


  • Helps detox hair from silicone.
  • Repairs & prevents damage.
  • Lets you to wash hair less often.
  • Delivers healthier hair after 5 washes.**


  • 0.33OZ PHD TRIPLE DETOX SHAMPOO - start your detox by removing buildup.
  • 2.0OZ RESTORE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER - cleanse and condition for renewed softness, shine, and manageability.
  • 2.0OZ RESTORE PERFECTING SPRAY - gently detangle and add a boost of hydration.
  • 1.8OZ PHD DRY SHAMPOO - actually clean hair without water or work