FULL Silicone Detox Kit

FULL Silicone Detox Kit

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A silicone detox kit for smoother, stronger, healthier hair.Silicones build up over time and weigh hair down, making it lifeless and greasy.

Our scientists invented the Healthy Hair Molecule, a superior way to care for hair. This patented technology creates a weightless, invisible shield on each strand to polish, smooth, and protect, and repel dirt and oil so hair stays cleaner, longer. With this kit, swap silicones for real science – give us 5 washes, and we’ll give you your best hair.


  • Helps detox hair from silicone
  • Adds fullness and volume
  • Allows you to wash hair less often
  • Delivers healthier hair after 5 washes**


  • 0.33OZ PHD TRIPLE DETOX SHAMPOO - Start your detox by removing buildup.
  • 2.0OZ FULL SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER - Gently cleanse and lightly condition to make hair feel naturally thicker.
  • 3.0OZ FULL DRY VOLUME BLAST - Style hair with instant, lasting volume and texture.
  • 1.8OZ PHD DRY SHAMPOO - Actually clean hair without water or work.